Monday, October 14, 2013

Bennett and Cousin Jack are Soccer Stars

Bennett on the left and Jack on the right having the game of the year. 
Bennett mixing it up with his team mates
Bennett Hamming it up for the camera
Jack passing the ball in
Bennett taking it to the goal
And scores
High five from one of his team mates
Jack taking the ball
Bennett and Jack driving in for another goal
It's all Bennett and Jack

Bennett Driving in again

Jack taking the ball
And Jack scores
Happy Jack
Bennett going for five with his uncle John
The fans, Catie is looking at the sky, the light drizzle is about to change to a pouring rain
The game is over it started to pour, the boys were not happy they were ready to keep playing rain or not. it was a great game and both boys scored at least twice. I lost track trying to get good pictures.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Coleman Planet

Did you ever want to own your own planet well thaks to our neighbor Joe and his photographic skills we do.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mabel and Arthur

In October Bennett got a new baby sister. Mabel Miras Pilkington joined our family
Little Mabel Bright eyes with her parents Dave and Catie
Lola Nery and her Grand Babies
Spencer and Rachel on Spencer's birthday just 2 weeks before Arthur was born
Last Thursday Arthur Samuel Coleman joined our family and Jude got as new baby brother.
Big Brother Jude
Happiness is being a Grandparent 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Evening at Beus Park with the Grandsons

Nery Bennett Jude and Belle
We took Bennett and met Spencer and Jude and had a fun time feeding the ducks and playing at the park.

Spencer and Jude
Female Wood Duck 
The Ducks and Geese starting to nest at the pond
Male Wood Ducks
Nery and the boys, they love their Lola

Jude and Bennett swinging
Boys love water and sticks
Lola and Jude
Lola and Bennett
Beautiful Great Salt Lake Sunset

Monday, February 25, 2013


Mountain Lion in colored pencil
Last Fall I broke the 300 zoom lens for my camera, and went several months without a telephoto lens. This ended my taking pictures of birds. However needing something to do I did something I have not done for years. I got out my colored pencils and drawing pad and started drawing. I'm not much of an artist but it has been great fun and something to do on these cold winter days. Here are a few of the pictures I have drawn over the last several months.

American Kestrel in colored pencil from one of my photographs, below is the photo that was my model.
American Kestrel taken at Farmington Bay
I drew this Cheetah while home with the flu
This Red Fox looks funny because I took the picture through glass in a frame. I drew this last Saturday while there was a blizzard outside. I had just returned from doing an Eagle tour at Farmington Bay.
The following pictures are from a picture book I made for my Grandkids, pictures that went with a CD I made for them of some of my favorite children's songs.

For the song "Got No Bugs On Me" 
For Puff the Magic Dragon
For the Unicorn Song
For the song, I think we're gonna be frinds
For Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
For Octopuses Garden
For I've Been Work'n on the Railroad 
I did get a new lens and I have taken some pictures, which I have posted on my Birdn Blog. But I intend on continuing to practice drawing. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Arches National Park, More Moab

The Three Gossips formation 
Due to our limited time we were only able to visit Arches National Park this trip. On our next visit to Moab our goal is to visit Canyonlands National Park which is much larger with more trails for hiking and jeeping. We have been to Arches many times and we never tire of the rock formations and natural bridges.

The Organ

Nery, McSteven and Towa with some of Arches beautiful rock formations in the background

I think these are part of the Park Avenue Rock Formations

There are several of these pinnacles around the park, I'm not sure of the name of this one

This is one of the first Arches you see in the park and is visible from the road, unfortunately I can't remember the name of it
Looking out over the park from the Fiery Furnace view point

Some of the many Hoodoos in the park
Nery and McSteven at the Fiery Furnace
The entrance of the Devils Garden  very popular place at Arches It is a nice hike and you can see many formations and Arches.
It was hard to find parking at the Devils Garden
More from the entrance of Devils Garden

The trail head, Nery hiking with her umbrella don't laugh there's not much shade on the trail and it was hot.
McSteven and Towa enjoyed climbing on the rocks
McSteven climbing the walls of the small slot canyon and Nery taking his picture.

Landscape Arch
Double O Arch
Leaving the Devils Garden
It was too late in the day and too hot to make the hike up to Delicate Arch here are pictures from the view point.
Nery and McSteven at the Delicate Arch view point
A close up of Delicate Arch taken with my telephoto lens
Towa and McSteven at Delicate Arch
This Dragon tricycle was getting a lot of attention in the parking lot
McSteven at the Windows
More of the Windows
McSteven looking over the park from the Windows
Nery and Mcsteven at the Windows, can you see the elephant in the background?
More of the Windows
All of us in front of the Balanced Rock formation
The Petrified Dunes
Saying goodbye to Arches but we will return