Monday, October 14, 2013

Bennett and Cousin Jack are Soccer Stars

Bennett on the left and Jack on the right having the game of the year. 
Bennett mixing it up with his team mates
Bennett Hamming it up for the camera
Jack passing the ball in
Bennett taking it to the goal
And scores
High five from one of his team mates
Jack taking the ball
Bennett and Jack driving in for another goal
It's all Bennett and Jack

Bennett Driving in again

Jack taking the ball
And Jack scores
Happy Jack
Bennett going for five with his uncle John
The fans, Catie is looking at the sky, the light drizzle is about to change to a pouring rain
The game is over it started to pour, the boys were not happy they were ready to keep playing rain or not. it was a great game and both boys scored at least twice. I lost track trying to get good pictures.

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